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In order to provide excellent resistance and long-term reliability of our dehumidifiers in salty or sulphury environment, it is crucial to protect the heat exchangers which are continually exposed to full wind of the air flow and all the contents of the air. Salt or sulphur have many positive advantages however in combination with water in different air temperatures their substances may be extremely aggressive and harmful to all inner components of a dehumidifier, specifically the heat exchangers. For this reason have we decided to apply several protections along with special “LCE” coating.

LCE Coating is a revolutionary surface treatment designed to protect heat exchangers from the detrimental effects of corrosion, mold, and bacteria. Unlike traditional solvent-based coatings, this innovative, water-based solution brings forward two key advancements: enhanced resistance to water and antimicrobial properties.

Highlighted Advantages:

  • Enhances the resilience of equipment in adverse conditions, significantly extending its service life.
  • Acts as an antimicrobial shield, inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria within the system.
  • The coating's repairability in the field ensures longevity and continuous protection.
  • It maintains the unit's operational efficiency unaffected.
  • Guarantees comprehensive protection through total immersion, ensuring complete internal coverage.
  • Incorporates a layer that repels water, enhancing the system's durability.
  • Demonstrates a strong adherence to the base material, preventing peeling and wear.

At its core, LCE Coating is about providing a durable, flexible barrier that covers the heat exchanger's surface entirely. This barrier's ability to adapt to the exchanger's thermal fluctuations prevents the emergence of small cracks, which are often the starting point for corrosion. The elasticity of this coating is vital for sustaining its protective capabilities under extreme conditions.

Addressing Corrosion Effectively Air handling units placed in highly corrosive settings such as coastal regions, food processing plants, and agricultural facilities often face challenges that conventional coatings cannot meet. In these environments, LCE Coating steps in as a superior anti-corrosion measure, offering effective, long-lasting protection.


Microwell offers special treatment to withstand high concentrations of salt, sulphur and chlorine. Designed for natural salt/sulphur water spa, salt caves or alternatives with natural water spring spa that contains high concentrations of salt or sulphur. Salt+ Sulphur+ uprgrade can be applied also to high chlorine concentration pools where improving resistance and thereby providing longer livelihood of the device. Treatment is also designed to avoid formation of sulphuric acid (H2SO4) within and on the surfaces of the device.


  • Natural spa
  • Salt caves
  • Chlorine
  • Sulphur


  • Extra zinc
  • Extra LCE Epoxy coating
  • Extra powder coating enamel at 180°
  • Extra brex insulation

In Microwell we understand different varieties of applications. Salt+ Sulphur+ upgrade is compatible with each DRY swimming pool dryer capacity line. Due to expected long livelihood of the dryer unit, typically 10 to 15 years, we suggest acryl cover that we call ‘WAVE’. This not only provides elegant wavy white look but also corrosion-free structure. Regulation is ensured by wireless controller DRY EASY300 with IP65 buttons and 24-carat gold battery contacts.

Suitable for natural salt/sulfur water spa, salt caves and pools with high concentration of salt, sulfur or chlorine.

Suitable for natural salt/sulfur water spa, salt caves and pools with high concentration of salt, sulfur or chlorine.

Maximize savings - save by drying

Experience unparalleled efficiency with our cutting-edge pool dehumidifier, boasting a remarkable energy consumption rate from 0.393 kWh per liter. This revolutionary system employs advanced technology to extract excess moisture from the air with minimal power usage, ensuring highly economical operations. By efficiently controlling humidity levels in your pool area, this dehumidifier not only enhances comfort but also significantly reduces energy costs, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice for maintaining an optimal indoor pool environment.

DRY 300
DRY 400
DRY 500
DRY 800
DRY 1200
Capacity 30°C|60% RH 36 L/ day 48 L/day 66 L/day 90 L/day 120 L/day 60 L/day 120 L/day
kWh per liter 0,527 0,412 0,423 0,533 0,393 0,425 0,422
€ per liter* 0,08€ 0.06€ 0.06€ 0,08€ 0.06€ 0.06€ 0.06€

*at 0.15€/kWh standard Eastern Europe rate. Valid for all model makes: WAVE, METAL, SILVER, THROUGH-THE-WALL Measured at typical pool conditions of 30°C and 60% relative humidity.

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